Top notch with Yellow Bernard

I don’t have much time for inconsistency in product when it comes to coffee. I find that it’s always reassuring when a café takes it seriously. Yellow Bernard is one such place.

Upon waiting in line at the usual early morning coffee rush, I heard the lady in front of me say – ‘I want it hot but I don’t want it too hot. I don’t want it to burn my tongue.’  And in a tone not condescending yet oozing competence and knowledge the proprietor responded ‘Don’t worry about that.  We generally hit around 65 degrees; it should be just right.’

They’re friendly and professional and crank out some amazing coffee. In a town where the coffee business is booming, Yellow Bernard are at the top of their game. It’s been a fantastic year for the hole in the wall on Collins St, and things can only get better.

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